144 | Monday Musings {Boston Marathon Edition}

Next weekend is the Boston Marathon and after last year's bombing I think every American is looking forward to this year's race with excitement and a little bit of trepidation.  Not fear; I think as Americans we refuse to fear coming back to the scene of a terrorist attack because we don't put up with that shit {sorry if this word offends you}.  Boston is ready to rock n' roll next weekend and we are ready to watch and cheer for our favorites and watch as history unfolds.  So today I am sharing my five favorite links to get you all in the mood for next week.  Starting with my favorite runner this year: Shalane Flanagan.

1. Shalane Flanagan's 60 minute interview:  Boston local elite runner and "pony tailed assassin in knee highs" Shalane Flanagan is coming back to Boston with one mission in mind: win this not only for the USA but for the city of Boston.  And if there is one person that can make that happen it is her.  Sunday night 60 minutes aired an interview with her and it was great to see how her frame of mind is in preparation for this race.     

You can see the complete interview HERE.

2.  Runner's World Editor Letter: Boston's New Start.  Click HERE to read David Willey's tribute to the city of Boston, the runners who were there and the survivors.  Centered around the story of Leo Fonseca, this letter shows the power of solidarity and of running.  A must read.

3.  Dear World: Boston Marathon Photos.  Click HERE to see this compilation of photos of runners, victims from the bombing, people who lost friends and family-- all showing why the world is rooting for BOSTON STRONG once again.

4.  I am totally excited for some of my favorite bloggers running Boston this year!  Check out their blogs and let them know you are rooting for them too!

5.  I wanted to close this post with this photo from last year's cover of Boston Magazine.  I think it really summarized the spirit of how the world but especially the running community came together.

As Boston gets ready for this major event, the world will be watching and praying for a safe race.  To those who are coming back after surviving it will be like closing a loop.  To others it will be like redefining what running means to me.  And to rest of us-- non-marathoners, it will be an opportunity to be proud of every single runner on that course for putting aside fears, disabilities and much more in order to tell the world WE WILL NOT BE BROKEN and WE WILL NOT LET YOU DISRUPT OUR AMERICAN WAY OF LIFE. 

As Michael Fucci from the Herald Sun wrote: "We are runners. We are strong enough to endure miles of every kind of pain imaginable. We crave pushing the envelope, never fearing the unknown. Most importantly, nothing will stop us from running. Because of this, the organizers of this purely evil attack will never win."

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  1. I get all chills when I think of Boston this year.
    I'm off to watch that interview! Thanks for posting it!

  2. I am excited to read, watch and hear all about the Boston Marathon. We are strong and will never back down so I am not worried about it. Don't start none won't be none. Love this article.

  3. I still cannot believe it's almost been a year since last year's race. I will be praying daily for a safe and exciting race for everyone this year!

  4. Thanks for introducing me to fellow bloggers that are taking part in the race! :)

    Kristen @ Your Beauty Fix

  5. It's been a year already??? Wow - time flies. Your post is a great one, and thank you for linking up with #MyHappyMonday (Tuesday Edition :P).

  6. I'm so excited to watch Shalane! I hope she gets her win :)

  7. Thanks for the Shalane clip!

  8. It's sad that a tragedy as big as this one occurred. But the only positive is the way Boston rallied together and showed the world what the city is made of.

    Thanks for linking up for MMG :)