Run / Eat: What I Ate Wednesday & Workout Wednesday

Well my friends, after months and months of being in a funk and feeling blah, this Labor Day weekend I started feeling a little bit like my old self and my body just finally said enough. Saturday morning I woke up with a need to run.  That is the best way to describe it.  And because of the 4 day weekend everyone seemed to be gone which made for a very quiet and relaxing run, with this gorgeous view of the rising sun.

After much thought I decided to stick to 5K and maybe a 10K until I get my super motivation back.  I really just need to "fall back in love" with running.  I am following a 5K plan just to keep me on track and I love it. I signed up for the Color Run in Lawrence, KS in September and really looking forward to it because I have heard how much fun.  Here are some of the other races.  

  • 9/15/2013: The Color Run 
  • 10/5/2013: Haven's Wooded Trail 5K
  • 11/9/2013: Ultramax KC15K/7K

I also have been hitting the gym with more consistency and so glad I am.  I am going to be honest.  I really like Crossfit but I feel most at home at the normal gym.  And I went back to basics with the program that has been successful for me.  This is the same program that last year helped me lose 25 lbs. in about three months.  Jamie's approach to this program is very structured which is what my lazy self needs right now.

Here is a breakdown of Week 1:
Day 1: Chest & Triceps
Day 2: Back & Biceps
Day 3: Legs & Calves
Day 4: Shoulders & Abs
Day 5-7: Rest (I personally like one of these days to be active rest)
During this phase Jamie does not do any cardio but I have to.  It's the only way my hypothyroid self can lose weight.  

One of the areas that I really struggled over these past four months is my eating habits.  If I ever had any doubts there are now gone: I am an emotional eater.  And with everything going on, I over indulged and I have been working on cleaning my diet.  But I have to warn you, this being the first week of September I indulged in my favorite fall season treat: Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Latte.  It was so good.  

This week my eats were pretty varied.  I experimented with some cod dishes like the cod stew (top left corner) which will be perfect for the winter months.  When I get a sweet tooth my new snack is bananas and papaya drizzled with some acacia honey. So delicious and my sweet tooth loves it.  And finally my clean version of fish burritos packed with spinach tomatoes and tilapia cooked in southwestern spices and sriracha.  Spicy and delicious... and so hit the spot! 

But without a doubt my best achievement this week  -- albeit not too healthy was my first bread making undertaking.  I still cannot believe I made challah bread (which is a Jewish soft bread) from scratch and that the braiding came out pretty decent.  Plus the flavor was delicious!

Yes, my progress is slowly but I am making progress and not sitting on my butt like I was the past few months.  I also have some awesome friends who are motivating me {and sending me loving hate text messages to get to the} and it is always awesome to have that support.  So, here is looking to a week or progress and motivation!  Linking with Workout Wednesday @ Skinny Meg and What I Ate Wednesday at Peas & Crayons, Recipe Friday, and Fitness Friday.


  1. This time of the year, I love eating Taffy apples. I have to be careful because i can eat one everyday, so I pass them up when I shop now. BTW, your legs look fabulous.

    1. Awe, thanks! Its so good to be back in the gym!