Fitness Thursdays in The Prairie

Wow! Winter... in the prairie... it is bloody cold and windy.  But thank goodness there is no snow right now although the forecast says we will have some on the weekend.  I am ready for summer.  The island girl inside me is roaring to come out.  I love working out outdoor and this cold is killing me.  I have had to workout at the gym and this week has been pretty awesome fitness wise.  So what is going on in fitness land?

// ONE //


On Monday I start the T25 workout.  I have heard nothing but great things and all the results I have seen are pretty amazing.  Plus seriously what is better than working out with Shaun T.?  :D I am also finally giving the Shakeology shakes a try.  My friend Mandy is a Beachbody coach and she plus her clients have had great results with this.   I am one of those people that has a hard time eating 5-6 meals a day, and shakes work great for me!

// TWO //

Clothing motivation.  I am not sure about you but one way I motivate myself is by wearing new clothes to the gym.  Seriously, works out for me.  So, for my birthday I treated myself to some nice Under Armour clothes for the gym.  I have plenty to run outdoors but have been looking kind of rough at the gym :) 


// THREE //

I've been hitting the gym this week pretty hard and my body is sore but not very painful.  It is my weakness leaving the body! lol.  My knee is still bothering me a little so I have been focusing this week mostly on the elliptical and it has given the knee the rest it needs while also getting a good cardio workout. Yeah, sorry about this pic {I do not take cute gym photos... ugh}.


By the way, when I got home from the gym on Monday I had flowers for my birthday!  Woohoo!

For strength training I have been doing the Muscle & Fitness Hers Transformation Workout Plan and I really like it because in includes days of plyometrics and also stretching.  Plus it keeps it varied.

// FOUR //
Finally registered for my first 5K race this year.  I am doing the Mrs. Robinson Romp, 5K Cougar Run.  Seriously I am doing it for the sticker.  You see D is always calling me his "cougar" because I am a year older than he is, and when I saw this race I just had to sign up.  Love fun races and the fact that this one is a trail run makes it even more fun!

And there you have it!  My fitness weekend in a nutshell.  
Thanks to Amanda for hosting the Thinking Out Loud link up!


  1. A whole lotta uplifting that I badly needed! I tend toward SAD a bit, anyway, and with inhumane temps and wind and NO option but to stay indoors, well, I am about at my wits' end.

    I love these simple tips and your fantastic pics to go along with them. You look GREAT! I'm off to lift heavy now. Spring will come. We just have to ride this out for a while...

    Cue acceptance mode. :-/

  2. I've heard so many things about T25. I am considering trying the new 21 day program that is coming out in a few days. I look forward to your review of T25.... besides the parts about Shuan T being gorgeous, because that's already assumed, right?