119 // why do I run & some serious running ahead

 It is finally Friday.  Thank goodness for that!  I am ready to enjoy the sun this weekend and just relax with my pup all weekend long.  This week has been one of preparation, consulting with my fitness trainer and my awesome nutritionist.  I realize if I finally want to run a marathon one day, I need to do this smart because for better or worse, I have some health issues that while not huge, they do impact how my body reacts and recovers from what is about to come.

So instead of jumping right into running a 26.2 race, I am going to compromise and tackle the half-marathon instead.  Part of my previous bouts with injuries have been in part because I am trying to tackle too much too fast.  But so is my heart for running.  Which is one of the reasons I got the trainer I did.  She will keep me in check ;-)  

Once that decision was made, it was a matter of deciding on which one to run.  I know that I needed something fun and scenic, and I wanted it in the fall.  So after much deciding and searching I registered for the Runner's World Half & Festival.  I remember last year reading about this event in so many blogs and it looked like it was challenging but also worth it because of the extras: fun, scenery and a good expo. 

For this, we are following the Hal Higdon's Novice Training Plan because the mileage is not too crazy, and hopefully this will avoid running injuries.  This is only a 12 week program which will give me time to ease a bit more into it before mileage goes up a bit.  We are also incorporating some serious strength training workout, which will be adjusted as I progress.  

So Monday it is and I apologize beforehand if the posts about training and workouts increases.  I also warn you there will be some minor whining (insert boo-boo lip again) at times but nothing too bad.  I am really looking forward to starting with training and this weekend I plan to rest and relax in order to be fresh come Monday.  Please pray that I do not get injured once again.  I am hoping this is my year.  Actually, what am I talking about? THIS IS MY YEAR!  I can just feel it! :D 

It is amazing how an injury can really make you find your passion again.  In my case it was falling in love with running all over again.  I was on the Mizuno website the other night trying to order some running shoes (yeah, like I need anymore) and came across this page: WHY DO YOU RUN?  And so I decided to share my story.  See below. 

I decided to share it because while it brings up some pretty bad memories of a time when I was really down, it also speaks to the power of running not only physically but emotionally.  If you cannot read the picture, this is what I wrote:

Finding Myself Again Through Running:

I have always been a runner, but my focus was mostly track & field. Once I graduated from college, my running was recreational and later when I joined the Army it became part of my job. Truly at that point it became more of a love/hate relationship, and it lost its appeal to me. Then in 2012 I experienced a crisis like I'd never had before and instinctively I turned to the one thing that was a constant for me: running. Witnessing a person you respect and admire being killed in front of you is something I never thought I would experience but when it happened, the aftermath left me raw and I turned my back on the world. The morning after this happened I woke up, changed into my running clothes, laced up my shoes and ran. I did not have a time frame nor a destination. All I knew is that I needed to run. And so I did. Every morning and sometimes in the afternoon, running helped me cope with all the thoughts and emotions I felt I could not express because I still had a job to do as a Soldier. But running gave me the outlet to release my energy and just be in the moment. Many of those runs ended in tears but they helped me to finally move on. And with that came a little bit of peace of mind as the days went by. And slowly but surely I started finding myself once again... and I learned to smile again. So you can say that running transformed my life by allowing me deal with a traumatic experience and in the process I found a stronger version of me. This is a me I did not know I had.

And that my friends, it why I love running.  Have a great and blessed weekend.

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  1. So awesome that you've decided to do a half marathon! And believe me, it's SO much better easing up to a full marathon. My knee is a constant reminder of taking things slow! You're definitely doing it smart and good luck with the training and prep some awesome playlists! :)

  2. I loved the Hal Higdon plan. What strength training plan are you using, if you don't mind me asking? I can't find a good program for runners.

    1. Ashley, my personal trainer developed it for me. Send me an email to and i'll email you the details.

  • I love reading how running has changed lives, and yours is not exception.

    You will totally rock the half marathon. You might like the book "you only faster" I read it recently and I really found it beneficial and got more out of than I thought I would.

    1. Matilda, thank you for the book recommendation! I will check it out!!