110 // not all runs are good runs + meal prepping

Today is supposed to be the first day of spring in the "weather world" but I am sure we all can tell that mother nature is just not playing nice.  I am seriously tired of the cold and the snow.   Really; no joke about this.  I am tired of having to bundle up every time I go outside.  You see how this would be a bit disconcerting to an island girl, right?  Especially when I have to go running.  This Midwest cold is just killing me.  I know I am boohooing and you are probably saying "oh please, cry me a river" but I am a serious cranckipotamous when I am very cold.  You know what else has me sort of in a cranky mood? My running. 
Today was supposed to be good 4 miler for me.  I am still taking it easy with my foot but I have wanted to start cranking up the speed.  I started slowly and was doing great but the past few runs were the same as yesterday: I cannot get outside the 14:00 per mile.   This is just messing with my head because mentally I am ready to go up one level but the body is like "yeah, right".  And if you ask to this the fact that the cold is just making my foot really painful then you can understand why the word: CRANCKIPOTAMOUS so describes me this week (that plus the crazy long paper I am writing for one of my classes).   So yes, bring on the new slightly warmer season. I am ready for it.
Oh yes, I forgot to mention that it is so cold that my iPhone (therefore the GPS) died around the 2 mile mark.
But as much as I dislike this cold, the snowing has allowed me time to do something I do not get to do often because my hectic schedule: prep my meals for the days ahead.  Over the past month I have gotten better about that and it really has paid off about staying on track with my meals.  I have my favorite tried meals that I make often like the turkey muffins and the thai chili garlic quinoa muffins but on the weekends I am fairly relaxed about my meals.  This week it is going to be busy and this is the menu for the week

Again, the weekend is when I either work on a recipe or I go out to try a restaurant I've been wanting to go to.  You can also see that I do repeat some of my meals because they make a lot of leftovers and leftovers are a single girl's best friend.  I also have some Kashi frozen meals in my fridge (the horror! lol).  I try to stay away from frozen meals but of all the ones in the market, the Kashi meals are the best.  It is all about having healthier options because in the end is about treating your body gently and with care.  
Taking care of myself: that was my mantra going into the weekend and it worked for the most part.  I love enjoying simple weekends at home (no shame on that) and just doing whatever strikes my fancy.  As the snow fell I took the opportunity to relax, do some cooking, relax with my handsome furbaby Jack and just living in the moment.  I wish you had a relaxing and refreshing weekend.
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  1. I am so bad at meal planning. I have tried it before and it went great, but I am bored to tears thinking about sitting down and planning it out. I usually just fly by the seat of my pants.. although I do always try to make leftovers, love leftovers!

    1. lol... I was the same way. But I think because I sort of keep my meals the same way and I get plenty of leftovers (yeap, I love leftovers too!) it makes it easy for me.