I am a Type-A personality.  If you add to that a love for organizing and planning, stationery, pretty binder and journals you will get a highly organized bride-to-be.  I bought a wedding planning book when I first got engaged but after getting it home I found it is not what I was looking for.  It was more of a guide to planning a wedding instead of a planner book-- which is different and what I needed.  

Still in looking at the various options available for planner books I was not impressed nor found what I wanted.  I like a clean look.  Just because I am a woman does not automatically mean I like frilly and flowers.  I wanted classic because this would be a keepsake for a lifetime.  So I took matters into my hands I made my own using various resources and tools I found online.  What I created is my perfect wedding planner book and in the process discovered that truly a wedding planner must have a few key components.


This is essential in keeping everything together and handy.  While some may think that I am too detailed, I was looking for something in my favorite color: Martha Stewart "green".  If you are detailed oriented, you know that when one hones on a particular color none other would do. :-) 

Fortunately for me Martha Stewart has an office line at Staples that has everything I needed.  Even better? When I went everything was on sale.  The textured binder is the perfect size (extra wide) to fit dividers, checklists, protectors and safety pouches for receipts/contracts.  I really like that it has an eazy-touch ring that keeps everything in place while making it easy to open like some binders are.  I also purchased a notebook for notes. 


My new favorite word as a bride-to-be is "free printables" especially if they reflect your style.  Wedding wise I {heart} the Martha Stewart Wedding Workbook.  In true Martha style this is a no nonsense compilation of essential checklists.  I particularly like it because having a small wedding, I do not need all the fluff in the other wedding planners I have seen.  



The second printable I am loving is the 2014 printable calendar from Tomkat StudioTomkat Studio is a fantastic blog I came across last year.  It has all kinds of stylish ideas from decorating to party planning/event ideas to cute printables.  What I love about this particular calendar is that it has a beautiful modern font {I have a thing with fonts} without being too busy + it has plenty of space for all of your calendar notes. 



Yes! A quick reference that is handy to have when planning and you need to quickly make decisions or reference dates. For a once over calendar, this one just has me swooning.  How gorgeous is this one from Love vs. Design?



I did not take a picture of these but they are extremely necessary for receipts, contracts, notes, swatch samples... you name it.  It helps protect these items and keeps them secured.  

And that is it!  It really threw me for a loop how expensive these books are especially when you can make your own  to fit your style for almost half the price.  It is about shopping around, my friends.  One thing I learned? It is amazing the amount of free tools and printables available these days online for the Type-A {or any other type) bride and to fit any particular taste.  The choices are endless.   

And speaking of choices, I am beyond thrilled about our honeymoon plans.  From the moment we started talking wedding, we both agreed we will be going to Norway to visit D's Norwegian relatives. But we also wanted to do a second location.  We were back and forth between a beachy area, a historical place or a distilleries tour of Scotland.  Well after this past weekend at the vineyard we started thinking wine country and since we will be in Europe, D recommended we go to France's wine country.  

So it is with the utmost delight that I can share the news that we will be going to St. Emilion in Bordeaux for our honeymoon after Norway!  If you read this blog, you know this is THE one place in Europe that I would love to visit.  So much that I shared why in THIS post.  So, this is shaping up to be a great planning effort!  Now with this motivation and my fancy new book, I am set for some major wedding planning with my future MIL and the fiance over the weekend. :)  Happy planning!


  1. OMG I am so excited for you that you get to visit that gorgeous winery during y'all's honeymoon! I cannot wait to hear all about it! :0)

  2. YOU WILL SOON BE A MRS.! Ou, une Madame! Señ must be tickled, and from what I last understood, you are going to be living here in Minnesota?

    The color of your binder, that is my color! Refreshing and soothing, I hope all your plans are perfect realized and also, thank you for coming to visit. If you are in the Twin Cities, DO VISIT The American Swedish Institute. Guaranteed, they'll let ya dance on the ballroom floor.

    HAVE FUN! Anita

    1. Anita, yes! I will be moving to Minnesota in the summer. Super excited about it although still trying to figure out how I will handle the winters. ;-)

      I must definitely visit the institute. Your photos are so gorgeous. Love them!