111 // a snowy weekend recap from the prairie

Good Monday to you!  It is the first Monday of March and it is freezing in my neck of the woods.  Holy smokes!  Can I get a ticket to Puerto Rico, STAT!  My mom keeps sending me messages from thee island where she is on vacation visiting thee family and the messages are all like "its a bit chilly here today with this 70 degree weather". Seriously, that is just wrong taunting.  In the previous email I wrote about some of my weekend and while I hate the snow, it was a productive weekend.

{ NO. 1}
I worked on some posts and reviews for my other blog and a site I have been working with.  One of my favorite things to do is take photos and love using different filter. VSCOCAM is my favorite app in the world to edit photos because the filters are beautiful and so artsy.  Have been using it on my Instagram photos but may start using it on my blog photos too.  

{NO. 2}
Snuggle time with my bubba!  Since the passing of my other dog Rummer, we both have been grieving not having that crazy and lovable girl around.  So I have been spending a lot of time with Jack and laughing at his craziness (like this look when I would not share my Trader Joe's Chocolate covered pomegranate seeds.  He is so intense but he sure is cute... is I say so myself.  He also enjoyed some of the snow and as always I have a hard time bringing him back in.

{NO. 3}
I am seriously thinking that I have a deficiency of something because for the past two weeks I have been craving (and eating) a lot of sushi like it is nobody's business.  It is ridiculous and no, I am not pregnant (like a friend asked me). The other day I ate sushi... for breakfast!  Normally I like my sushi very clean and without too many toppings and sauces but there is a restaurant in Kansas City called Stix and I have heard nothing but great things.  I had the octopus salad which was divine and I could have eaten two of those.  Octopus is not something many people like but I grew up eating squid since I was little and love it!  I can eat it every day.  Then I had thee Sumoku Roll which has inside: Spicy tuna and green onions and is topped with salmon, white tuna, and salmon roe glazed with sweet soy and spicy mayo.  It was delish but I think it would have been better without so much sauce (which I ended up scrapping).  Still it was yummy and totally hit the spot!

{NO. 4}

Have you ever wonder what your dog thinks when you are working out at home.  I have continued with the yoga and I have been working on form at home  But I am an Army girl at heart and I still love doing pushups.  But I am posting this photo because I love Jack's face.  It seems to be saying "WTH is she doing?... whatever". lol  This pup kills me.

I am sure you can see why I feel like I am hibernating.  All these indoor activities and food are great but I am a sunshine kind of girl and this is really messing with my mood.  I keep thinking how will I cope with the weather when I move to Minnesota?  Yikes!  That should be interesting!  Come on, come on summer!  Get here fast!

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  1. I'm definitely over this cold weather too ;) We had a few days of nice weather and it was such a tease! And your pictures at the top are awesome! I wish I had a knack for taking such awesome photos ;) Thanks for linking up with me this week!

  2. Woah, woah, woah - you're moving to Minnesota?! I moved to Chicago from Minneapolis back in August! The summers are amazing but the winters... well, you'll see for yourself ;) Thanks for linking up - I love all of your treats!