wedding wednesday {wedding website & floral "save the date" cards}

So I was going to order my save the date cards last month and something told me to wait {after all, I still have a year before the wedding} and I did... which was a good thing because the wedding location is back to Minnesota instead of Puerto Rico.  In truth I am really happy because the only reason we were going destination wedding style was because of my grandmas.  Long story but they are more than happy with the change as long as they get to meet the "hottie" and "cutie" are the words they have used to describe  Did I mention my grandmas are crazy cool? :D  So, Minnesota it is and I am thrilled I get to get marry in the cutest little church close to my future-in-laws.  It is adorable. 

Before I talk cards, can we talk wedding website? I never thought I was the super girlie type but apparently I am.  When my friend recommended to get a wedding website I laughed at the idea.  Fast forward to yesterday and guess who now has one? :-)  If you think about it, makes sense to have one place where you can share information about the big day.  So here is ours! Can you tell how excited I am!

Now back to cards: now it is time for a rustic save the date card to mirror the wedding.  Here is the odd thing: I am not a floral and intricate design kind of person, however I am drawn to all these ornate cards.  David and I want to keep the invitations classic and stylish but for the save the date cards I am not looking for them to match the wedding stationary at all.  I just want something fun and just pretty {sorry, babe!}.  So, here are the ones that have caught my eye.  P.S.  Angie is my nickname and what everyone knows me as, so do not worry, I did not steal anyone's save -the-date cards. :-) 

I am obsessed with Minted and their invitations, and all of these cards are from that site.  First there are the light and pastel colored ones, which are delicate yet fun. 


But then,  am also drawn to these two in dark hues.  They are so dramatic but still so pretty.


What do you think?  Which one you like?
Did you send Save the Date Cards? 
And when do you send them?

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158 | JOYFUL | ... and it was a pretty good weekend

Hello lovelies!  I hope y'all had a wonderful weekend!  Mine was excellent.  David came to visit me from Minnesota and we had a fabulous weekend full of good times and good food.  The weather was awesome for the most part which made it perfect because because there was a base-wise garage sale where I am stationed, and while I am not a garage sale person, David loves rumagging for books and in the process we found a beautiful oil canvas painting and he got me these beautiful antique German rolling pins that are made of solid wood.  The man knows what I love.  :)

Afterwards we went to Weston, MO.  We love this little town and spending time at the Irish restaurant in town.  They have a beer garden and the weather was so gorgeous that it was perfect for sitting around and just relaxing and having some good food.   Later we headed on down to O'Malley's irish Pub right next door.  This place is amazing because it is an underground pub thatit's located in three vaulted limestone cellars of the historic Weston Brewing Company.  In the capacious bottom cellar, which is 55 feet below ground, there's a stage for live music. The middle cellar has darts and sports bar amenities. The intimate top cellar looks like the perfect Irish pub, with draughts, ales, and ciders flowing and Irish troubadours performing in perpetuity.

The brewery was designed to utilize ice from the river during winter and lagering cellars dug deep into the ground to create ideal conditions for his beer which needed to be stored below 60 degrees for more than six weeks. In creating the brewery, the Weston Brewing Company became one of the first lager breweries in the United States. And you won't be surprised to learn that this dank, windowless underground pub was utilized from the Civil War through Prohibition as a bootlegging hideaway.  It truly is an awesome place to spend an evening.

Sunday we went to Kansas City and then met some of David's relatives.  Again, it was fantastic to catch up with them and enjoy some good food and company.  One of the most valuable lessons I have learned as I grow older is that sometimes you just have to relax.  And I have to admit that this weekend was not about super healthy food (nor food shaming for that matter) but more about enjoying those times when the good life is about enjoying each others' company and celebrating life... as simple as it may be.   And it was perfect.  

How was your weekend?

157 | FITNESS GEAR | affordable alternatives to my favorite fitness tank tops

If you are like me you probably love cute workout clothes unfortunately most fitness clothes are pretty pricey especially tank tops.  I have to admit that I have a few tank tops for which I have paid a pretty penny only to then find an alternative that is more affordable.  Here are my four favorite tank tops and an affordable alternative to each of them that will not break the bank.

NO. 1// YOGA


When I started yoga, one of the first I noticed is that I needed a top that wouldn't ride up during the sessions.  Luckily UA has a Studio line and the banded tank works just great!  Unfortunately, with the pricey tag I needed an alternative so I could have additional yoga tops.  Enter Old Navy Active.  With almost the same design, this makes for a pretty cute alternative plus you save $30.00!

Then there is the super cute Lululemon Flow & Go tank.  When I saw this tank I was in love because of the back design.  But at that price, it almost gave me a heart attack.  Let me be honest, the cute element about this top is the back, so I looked for something that also had an interesting back design and the Danskin Mesh-Min Tank Top provides that beautiful element in a more fitted top and for almost half the price.


You have seen me wear the Lululemon Tuck Me In top on a few blog posts and this was my first Lululemon purchase ever a few months ago.  I love it because it is super comfy and has a built in sports bra.  I love the design in that the sides overlap making it very flattering and easy fit especially if you have curves.  But again: I don't want to wear the same top every time and at $64.99 this is WAY too much for a tank top (I got mine on sale by the way).  Luckily Danskin offers a similarly designed top.  Although the inside layer is not a sports bra, it still offers that layered look that is so trendy in fitness tops right now and for half the price. 


I love a tank top that not only I can use on the gym or for yoga, but also to go out when I am in a casual mood and this tank top from Athleta with its flowy easiness fits the bill just right.  At $44.00 it can be considered pricey but Old Navy has a beautiful alternative that is flattering and has that flowing design for half the price too!  Score! 

The beautiful thing about these alternatives is that the are nicely made.  As someone whose mom was a seamstress, I pay a lot of attention to fabrics and how clothes are made.  And both Old Navy and Danskin make quality clothes.  Other brands that sell affordable fitness clothing?  Gap Active and C9 for Champion at Target.  And there you have it my friends, proof that you do not need to spend a lot of money to have quality and beautifully design fitness clothes. 

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156 | puppy love {the missing part of most rescue stories}

No other experience in the world makes me happier than rescuing dogs in need.  I do not hide it.  I love dogs and would love to find each one a home.  In my case the dogs I've adopted have been adult or senior dogs and there is something so sweet about that age in dogs.  They are love-dovey and so sweet.  But I would be lying if I did not admit that sometimes I wish I experience the puppy phase of them.  Because truly there is something so utterly adorable about puppies... especially Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers. 

But a few days ago I received an opportunity to, at least through photos, experience Jack as a puppy.  You see when I adopted Jack in August his previous family contacted me through Facebook because they wanted to make sure Jack was ok.  Long story short: his previous owners were not devious and "got rid of him".  They had some valid reason involving their toddler.  Anyhow, they are awesome people and they love seeing his photos on Facebook and are so thankful because they can tell Jack is with someone who loves him and cares for him.  That was very important to them.  

So a few nights ago his previous mom sent me some photos of Jack as a puppy and oh my goodness, he was an adorable chunky furball!  Below are some of the photos she sent me (the first two are of Jack now). 

For those not familiar with Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers, they are born with apricot hair with black around their face and some of their coat.  As they grow, and usually around 10 months to 1 year, their coat starts turning a wheat color.  I so want a Wheaten puppy but truly puppies require a lot attention and time, which with my work I do not have.  Part of the beauty of having an adult dog is that I do not have to let him out every two hours plus he is not into chewing things.  Jack is pretty chilled and when I go home lunch all he requires is a long walk and some play time with mommy which I am glad to give him. But seriously, how adorable was he?  can you say "puppy fever"? 

155 | EMPOWER | #StrongIsTheNewPretty Project

I come from a very traditional Hispanic family where I was expected to act and be a certain way.  I was expected to dress a certain way, talk a certain way.  Instead I grew up to be an athlete, a ballet dancer, a good student, a model, a Soldier.  It does not get more "outside the box" than that.  And I did all these things because my parents especially my father noticed my independent personality as a child and instead of crushing my spirit, he nurtured it by never telling me that I could not do anything.  And growing up in that loving and nurturing environment gave me self confidence and made my independent spirit bolder and fearless.  That my friends, has served me well throughout my life, especially as a Soldier.  Those memories are like snapshots of motivation that move through my mind reminding me who I am.  And I love it because I do believe there is power in images and the message they convey.  A few nights ago I was on Facebook when I saw this image and it stopped me on my tracks.
Strong is the New Pretty - by Kate Parker

Talk about a powerful image.  The first word that came to my mind was "little badass"  then I thought of many more:


You can tell all this from this photo.  Upon doing more research, I found out this photo is part of a project by photographer Kate T. Parker who wanted to use her talent as a photographer to capture her daughters' life and in time turned into a study of her daughters personalities.  Eventually shooting her daughters as they genuinely are, STRONG GIRLS, became the focus of the project.  She wanted to show them that they are ENOUGH.  Are you loving this yet? Because I am.   As an aunt to three girls who range from super girlie to uber tomboy, I appreciate each of my girls' personalities and who they are.  So, this premise behind the project grabbed me.  Not only because the photos are beautiful and strong but because they are a celebration of who they are.

Strong is the New Pretty - by Kate Parker 


Strong is the New Pretty - by Kate Parker

Strong is the New Pretty - by Kate Parker

I am world that is constantly pressuring girl to be and act a certain way, I commend efforts like Kate Parker's.  Because slowly the word is starting to change how the world views women, their roles and their abilities-- for the better.   Kate's feelings about this campaign are beautifully summarized below:

"I wanted to continue that feeling of “You are OK just as you are” with my girls. Being a mother of little girls only cemented my belief even more. Encouraging strength, confidence, kindness, as well as toughness was the path we decided upon when we started raising our girls. This feeling and sentiment bled over into my photography where oftentimes everything is beautiful or photoshopped to look perfect. I wanted to show the beauty, uniqueness, and strength of my girls (and their friends) in the imperfect.  Messy hair, dirty faces, brave, angry, joyous, whatever is was… I wanted to capture it. All these emotions make up childhood."

And momma, I salute you for that.  We need more women to stand up against the crazy pressures we are putting on women from the time they are children.  To show them they are strong, capable, and confident.  As someone who benefited from parents who instilled that in me, I can tell you that no better gift can be given to a child but especially a girl.  Because every girl counts.  Every girl rock! 

154 | BE FIT | my new gym love: the rope trainer

Last week during the one of the days I was feeling good, I did back and chest at the gym.  I love working back because I can handle a lot of weight and it makes me feel pretty strong.  As I was moving through the machines I spotted a shiny new gym machine that immediately caught my attention.  I wanted to try it but had no idea how it worked.  Finally a guy gave it a try and I realized it was a rope trainer! 

There is something about climbing a rope that is just hardcore to me.  I love watching Crossfit people climb the rope because they make it look so easy, and I honestly struggle climbing the rope.  So I just knew I had to give it a try.  And I did.  And it burned.  And it was love at first sight.  This machine gives rope burn a whole new meaning. 

This weight-assisted machine simulates actual rope climbing from three positions: seated, kneeling on the seat and standing but if you are tall like moi standing really does not work.  The seat is sort of levitating meaning that it moves with you which gives you that feeling if climbing a rope, and immediately you feel your core, arms and back being targeted.   

Why I like the rope trainer aside from what I mentioned before?
  •  Three working positions to target specific areas:
Graphic and a complete list of exercises HERE.

  • It gives you outstanding conditioning workout.  In only three minutes I was working out a sweat bit time and got some good cardio.  

  • You can do the rope pull in reverse pulling from the bottom up instead of from the top down.  
  • I LOVE the burn I feel in my core and upper body with just one machine.
  • By changing the stance or position in reference to the machine you can target other areas of the body
  •  You can adjust to different HR target zones (to include an aerobic) app to adjust your level of exertion.

I do not think I am over exagerating when I say that I think I found my dream machine at the gym especially if you do not want to do a whole weigh training routine at the gym and spend a lot of time there.  This is a one-stop machine and I am loving it!


153 | Monday Musings: A Week That Was

Thank God for a new week NOT sick.  Two weekends ago I had a stomach bug that hit me hard.  And during the week I thought that it was gone.  Umm... No.  On Thursday around 2:00 PM I started feeling bad again, enough that I had to cancel my trip to Minnesota for Easter.  Friday and Saturday were brutal as my body got rid of the final remnants of the bug.  By Sunday I was feeling a lot better thank goodness.  Thank goodness today was a day off which is good because I got some rest while watching the Boston Marathon.  

And speaking of Boston: HOW AWESOME WAS IT!!!  I'm not going to lie: I cried when Meb Keflezighi won.  I was shouting the whole time towards the end as if I could will him to run faster.  And Shalane Flanagan-- while she didn't win she recorded the fastest time by an American female. It broke my heart when she was interviewed and she was so overcome with emotion because she so wanted to win for Boston.  But everyone is so proud of Shalane because she left it all out there.    That whole marathon had me motivated enough to go for a 3 mile run... NOT A GOOD IDEA after a stomach bug.  But surprisingly, I felt pretty good and I am officially out of the 12:00 to 13:00 minutes pace per mile.  My last three runs have been 10:40 to 11:04.  This, my friends, is good stuff.   So, I feel refreshed and more in love with the sport.  Here is to continued progress as I train for the Runner's World Half Marathon in October.

Ah, my "war wounds" from dog rescues and Army field exercises.  Very ladylike, right?

And Spring is definitely here which I love because there is an abundance of produce and it is so colorful and pretty.  Love it!

On Thursday I got the newest Runner's World Cookbook in the mail but did not have a chance to read it over the weekend because of the stomach bug.  Not the best thing to read when you are feeling like that.  But today I was all over that book and loved the prologue by Deena Kastor-- awesome marathon runner and self-professed foodie.  I am excited to try some of the recipes because they look delish!  

Did you notice the cute air plant above?  Adorable right?  Well with Spring also comes an abundance of plants and while I am fairly good at gardening, I am sucky at indoor gardening.  I even killed an air plant already!  But in my defense, I was giving the wrong care instructions.  So I am giving it a try once again because I love the look and easiness of care.  I love the clean look of the plants and the container.

And speaking of clean look, remember when I talked about pretty little things I am loving?  Well my business card stamp arrived and I am beside myself with it.  I need to find a better ink pad but so far I love and finally will have my own business cards.  Feeling pretty adult right now :-)

And there you have it: the highlights {and lows} of my week.  These are the thing I love and that make me happy.  I try to do and surround myself with things that will inspire me and make smile.  Here is looking to a week full of health, motivation and dedication to my training. 

How was your weekend?
Did you watch the Boston Marathon?  Were you as crazy excited as I was?

152 | Island Flavors: Basil + Mint Butter Lobster Tails

Not many things in life gives me as much pleasure as the combination of seafood and butter.  It is a match made in culinary heaven.  And while I do not indulge in it much mostly because I have been spoiled when it comes to fresh seafood because most of the places in the NC area where I live served fresh seafood most of it caught the same day or the day before.  Now living in Kansas it is hard for me for find fresh seafood I like and the places where I can get to prep at home are about an hour drive.  But there are a few places close by that if I am lucky, I can get fresh seafood right as it comes off the truck {yeap, that's how I roll with the local store}. 
When it comes to the famously delicious butter + seafood combo, I mostly like it straight up.  But if it is something like a lobster tail or a beautiful fillet of fish, I like to get a little fancy but not so much that it is going to overshadow the natural flavors of the fish or shellfish.  Usually I tend to use herbs that have a slightly floral taste and aroma but not too powerful, thus complementing the fish.  And one combination that works like a charm is basil + mint. 

This two-herb combination is delicious and works so well with the lobster flavor.  What I love about this recipe is that it takes me back to island living in 2.2 seconds so when I am missing home (whether Puerto Rico or the Sandhills of North Carolina) and want to prepare something fancy, this is one of the recipes I make.  It is also easy to make but packs a wow factor that will impress whoever graces your table.  So the next time you want to make something a little different and special give this a try.  You will love it!

151 | Giveaway Winner!

We have a giveaway away winner! Congratulations to KM L on winning the Lisa Leonard giveaway.  I love this necklace and I think she will love it too!

Email me your address so I can send it on your way.  Thank you all to those who participated!  Happy Eater, everyone!  He has truly Risen!

150 | PRAY | The Three Most Powerful Words In History: HE HAS RISEN!

On Sunday we celebrate the implications of the three most important words in history: HE HAS RISEN.  Three simple words.  Simple yet powerful.  These words capture Christ's journey from beginning to end.  The God who made himself human and came to us in the form of a small baby, grew up spreading the Word of God.  He knew what his fate would be, one written for him and in a way, BY HIM, to be a sacrificial lamb for humanity.  He died in the Cross and for a split second he felt the magnitude of all the sins of the world inside his human body, and I always wonder what he felt.  But I also always thank God that I do not have to experience that excruciating weight of sin, because I think it would be unbearable.
There are many moments in Jesus' life that move me to tears and the crucifixion is one of them.  Even now when I seem to be going through a slow reawakening process with God, I can appreciate the magnitude of what He did.  He-- the omnipotent God-- loving us with an immense love sent His only son to be like us in form and feeling-- except that he was righteous.  And then He had his son die for our sins, his blood washing away the sinful nature of our existence. 
With three words Jesus closed the loop that began in the Garden of Eden with Adam and Eve.  By dying for our sins, God took away the enemy's illusion of control over humans, and gave us freedom.  All we have to say is YES!  This moment of Jesus' life always make me laugh with joy in a "gotcha!" kind of laugh because when Jesus died at the Cross I am thinking the enemy thought he had won, when in reality God did.  This was His plan all along from the moment Eve ate from the Tree of Life. 
Easter is not about the Easter bunny.  It is about new life.  With the crucifixion came new life, everlasting life, for Jesus and for those who choose to accept him.  Just like the words "HE HAS BEEN BORN" or "IT IS FINISHED", the words "HE HAS RISEN" are simple yet powerful in their meaning and the implications to all of those who choose to follow Christ.   He has risen so that we can find eternal life should we chose to accept His open and free invitation to open our hearts to Him. 

This moment more than any other moment in Jesus' life shows that we do not have to be sinless nor perfect to come to God.  Take the fact that God elected Mary Magdalene-- the former prostitute-- to be the first to hear the news of Jesus' resurrection.  God loves everyone including the broken and flawed.  God loves us all.  Jesus loves us all.  The Holy Spirit loves us all.  All we have to do is say a simple but heartfelt YES!  YES! YES!  And that my friends is something worth celebrating, not only at Easter, but all of the days of our lives.
Happy Easter everyone!  HE HAS RISEN, indeed!


Hello everyone!  Well, my weekly recap this week is almost non-existent.  Last Friday I developed some kind of stomach bug and by the time Saturday arrived, I felt like a truck ran me over, then back up and ran me over again.  By Sunday I a chills/fever combo that was awful and on Monday I had to leave work early because I was feeling awful.  Luckily grandma came to the rescue with one of her concoctions.  I took a shower, put on some sweats and wrapped myself in a comforter and the sweating session began.  It felt like a long night.  On Tuesday I woke up feeling much better thank goodness but today it feels like it is back.  So here is my weekly "training":
  • Friday: 3 miles outside at 10:30 pace.  Glutes and abs
  • Saturday: nothing (unless you count surfing channels as exercise)
  • Sunday/Monday: No workouts
  • Tuesday: 2 mile at 00:11:02 pace/ Back and Chest workout.  Someone kick me in the butt for this.  Because while I had the energy to do the workout, when I was done my body was screaming "what are you doing?"  Seriously, looking back I should not have done this because my body was still recovering but I felt like a needed a workout. 
  • Wednesday:  Flow Yoga/ Stretching.  I was so tired from Tuesday's workout that I just did some flow yoga and stretches.  
  • Thursday: 2 miles at 00:11:00 in the AM and by the afternoon I'm feeling like that stomach bug is back.  Ugh... 

This weekend I was supposed to spend Easter with the fiance and his family in Minnesota.  I love spending time with the big (√¶tt) or clan in Norwegian.   And the plan was to spend Friday and Saturday in Lacrosse, WI and that is always such a pleasure because I love this college town.  Great restaurants and bars to just sit and relax.   Unfortunately I don't think I'll make it to the airport if I keep feeling like this.   We'll see. 

If I don't talk to you, I wish you all a very Happy Easter! He Will Rise Again!

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Happy Thursday, y'all!  Is it Friday yet?  Because I am going to Minnesota to spend Easter with my fiance's family and I cannot wait to see them!  Have I told you what a blessing it is when you love you fiance's family and they loVe you back?  I actually think they love me more than they love him. ;-)  Just kidding.  He is a wonderful person and they love him to pieces.  Today I'm just sharing favorite things that I am loving. 


They biggest mistake I ever made was discovering Etsy and all it has to offer.  But since the engagement I have found so many cute things!  This is only a sampling of things I love.  That hanger and the cake topper are so me! And David loves me enough to humor me because I am always using the work "like" whenever I get excited... but not in an annoying way... I think... I hope.  ;-)

Again, Etsy to the rescue.  For the longest time I have been wanting to get some business cards but can never find the style that is quite me.  Then I found The Stationary Boutique on Etsy and it was love at first sight! I am a sucker for stationary and they have a great selection that is classic but with enough flair to make it interesting. I love the idea of a stamp that you always have handy to create your own.  I got this design (the Rachel Green one) and cannot wait for it to get here!  I feel like such an adult getting business cards made. :-)

clearly the designed is a kindred soul using the names from the series Friends

Oh yes, I went there.  I saw this on Etsy (gee what a shocker) and immediately thought "This is going to be a good prank and David its going to think I'm crazy".  Well the joke was on me because he loved it and his family took it as a sign that I won't change my mind and breathed a sigh of relief (see? I told you they like me  No, seriously everyone loved it!  What do you think?  Too much? I have to admit, I actually love it!

I'm totally cheesing in these


I ♥ ♥ ♥  Instagram.  Of all social media outlets is the one I use the most.  And I love this idea from The Wedding Chicks!  DIY Printable IG card.  Super cute!  Plus a great way to make sure people in the wedding are seeing things through someone else's lens!

The left is the preview of ours "Go, Baers!"

The Wedding Chicks have all kinds of cute freebies in the site and the phone wallpapers are adorable!  I love this one because right now David and I are long distance, so this fits perfectly.
Wow, this madness is already starting but I am loving it!  Happy Thursday, y'all!

147 | CANINES | A Holistic Approach to Dog Feeding: Why I Dropped the Kibble {Urban Wolf Review}

The other day I was having a conversation with a friend discussing how switching my wheaten Jack to home cooked food had made such a positive effect on him, and she gave me the weird look.  The one that says "you are becoming the crazy dog lady".  When I asked her she said that she just didn't understand why some people cooked for their dogs when there are so many good foods in the market.  And my reply to her was: "Well let me put it like this; we strive to find what food works better for us so we are healthy.  Same goes for pets.  Pet parents want the best for their pets and they strive to find the best food possible... which is NOT kibble If that doesn't make sense try this.  You and I know that part of being fit depends on what we eat.  same goes for a dog; if what he eats makes him sick then he is not a fit dog."

Here is the thing: humans and animals share about 75% of their genetic makeup.  So basically you can say we have similar genetic needs.  While kibble, even the expensive organic with great ingredients one, is more economical it is processed with additives to expand shelf life-- so you see where I am going with this.  We humans pay attention to what we eat but we are basically feeding our dogs foods that are full of preservatives.  I am not saying that I know better than you what is best for your dog, just sharing what works for mine. 

There is a reason why I make this point.  Since I adopted Jack in August 2013, he has been such a good eater of normal pet food.  That was until December.  Over the holidays he started experiencing bloating, "the gulpies" which is scary because it sounds as if they cannot breath, vomiting and diarrhea.  We ran countless tests and nothing was medically wrong with him.  The vet recommended switching foods.  Between December and March we tried all the best dog foods in the market-- all kibble yet we thought because they were "high quality" they would work.  They did not.  And worse, Jack would stop eating.  After much debate (and while I love my vet) I took a different approach and took Jack to a holistic vet in Kansas City.  and since then not a day goes by that I am thankful I made that decision.  Part of the reason was also Jack was having lots of arthritis pain (since he is 11 yrs. old) and I wanted to explore acupuncture as a possibility for pain relief. 


When I addressed all the digestion issues he was having (including sounding like Darth Vader after he ate) she told me straight up that we would eventually switch him from the kibble.  Something about the kibble was irritating his digestive system.  So after getting his system used to a probiotic and enzymes, we did the switch to a food called Urban Wolf.  It is a super-food diet premix that comes in a powder form and you mix it with a protein.  In my case I mix it with hamburger meat.  I was pretty disappointed when I first opened the bag because... well I was not sure what to expect but this was not it.  Still I prepared to my vet's specifications and Jack LOVE IT.  He gets excited at feeding time and he can't eat enough of it. 

While it take a little bit of time preparing I find this to be a good compromise instead of going all raw.  I am not ready for that and Jack seems to be doing great with this healthy medium.  And is all the effort going into preparing it worth t?  You betcha! In one week I saw improvements and in two weeks I had a new dog.  He is full of energy and you can see he is a happy dog, not the miserably looking dog who could barely keep anything down.  And there is no better feeling for a pet parent than that.

Again, this is not me trying to make a service announcement about banning kibble; it is about the changes I saw in Jack once I switched him off the kibble.  I will just leave you with some food for thought:  I have not had to take Jack to the vet for digestive problems since I started him on this food.  He is better than ever, full of energy, his diarrhea and vomiting gone.  Coincidence?  I think not.  But you be the judge.

What do you feed your dog?
If off kibble, why did you make the change?

Before I leave, please come and join us for our new Happy Pet Blog Hop starting next Wednesday and every Wednesday after that.  Grab the button and join in the fun linking any posts that shows what makes your dog happy!