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If you are like me you probably love cute workout clothes unfortunately most fitness clothes are pretty pricey especially tank tops.  I have to admit that I have a few tank tops for which I have paid a pretty penny only to then find an alternative that is more affordable.  Here are my four favorite tank tops and an affordable alternative to each of them that will not break the bank.

NO. 1// YOGA


When I started yoga, one of the first I noticed is that I needed a top that wouldn't ride up during the sessions.  Luckily UA has a Studio line and the banded tank works just great!  Unfortunately, with the pricey tag I needed an alternative so I could have additional yoga tops.  Enter Old Navy Active.  With almost the same design, this makes for a pretty cute alternative plus you save $30.00!

Then there is the super cute Lululemon Flow & Go tank.  When I saw this tank I was in love because of the back design.  But at that price, it almost gave me a heart attack.  Let me be honest, the cute element about this top is the back, so I looked for something that also had an interesting back design and the Danskin Mesh-Min Tank Top provides that beautiful element in a more fitted top and for almost half the price.


You have seen me wear the Lululemon Tuck Me In top on a few blog posts and this was my first Lululemon purchase ever a few months ago.  I love it because it is super comfy and has a built in sports bra.  I love the design in that the sides overlap making it very flattering and easy fit especially if you have curves.  But again: I don't want to wear the same top every time and at $64.99 this is WAY too much for a tank top (I got mine on sale by the way).  Luckily Danskin offers a similarly designed top.  Although the inside layer is not a sports bra, it still offers that layered look that is so trendy in fitness tops right now and for half the price. 


I love a tank top that not only I can use on the gym or for yoga, but also to go out when I am in a casual mood and this tank top from Athleta with its flowy easiness fits the bill just right.  At $44.00 it can be considered pricey but Old Navy has a beautiful alternative that is flattering and has that flowing design for half the price too!  Score! 

The beautiful thing about these alternatives is that the are nicely made.  As someone whose mom was a seamstress, I pay a lot of attention to fabrics and how clothes are made.  And both Old Navy and Danskin make quality clothes.  Other brands that sell affordable fitness clothing?  Gap Active and C9 for Champion at Target.  And there you have it my friends, proof that you do not need to spend a lot of money to have quality and beautifully design fitness clothes. 

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  1. I have bought most all of Old Navy's work out clothes... LOVE THEM ALL!!!! So cute too!

    1. Omg, I love them too! i actually went yesterday and they had the fitness clothes on sale! :-)

  • Oh, I loved this post, I didn't realize Old Navy had workout clothes too. I am going to have to make a trip there soon to try out some of those beautiful tops!!

  • Great post - love all the less expensive options! I buy a lot of workout clothes at TJ Maxx and Marshall's, but looks like I'll be heading to Old Navy in the future because it looks like they have some adorable active wear!

  • Great post. I like Hind for compression shorts and Nike for most other fitness clothes. Of course you can't really go wrong with Under Armour either.