I remember growing up and listening to the word "tonic" and immediately think of one of my grandmother's concoctions of herbs and who knows what, stored in brown bottles.  The liquid would be dispensed from a dropper.  She would call it a "restorative" and she would say (this is the English translation): You drink for vigor.  Oh abuela, you are so awesome!

The term "tonic" these days is gaining popularity and while they are called that, to me they are simply juices.  But what do I know, right?  All I know is that I like them!  What do I like about tonics?  That they are straight up the fruits and veggies.  No additional stuff.  Some people like to add a tea-base and that is good too.  But I personally like it with just water (if blending in a Vitamix).  If I was using a juicer, there would not be a need for the water.   Regardless, whether you call it restorative, elixir or tonic, they bring a whole lot of goodness to you and your health.  Of all the combos tried by me, my favorite is this Island Beauty Tonic and it is super simple: 

Put all this goodness in a blender or juicer and away you go.  The beauty of these tonics is that you can make them ahead of time and have them throughout the day.  Some people have them as shots, me? I love a good small glass of deliciousness.  For those on the go, this is a perfect way to get your nutrients in a way that is portable and delicious.  But what I love the most is that they are extremely good for you.  Let's break down some of the great beauty benefits of the ingredients in this tonic:

As you can see, there is plenty to gain from taking the time to, a few days a week (if not daily), just blend or juice fruits and veggies in their raw state to get all the benefits in one drink.  I am all for finding new healthy products  but if I can get the nutrients and benefits I need from mother nature, all the better.  


Tonics are all the rage now (have you seen them on Instagram?) and there is a reason: they are good, tasty and easy to make.  I hope you give this a try.  Here are also some tonic recipes I have come across online.  Check them out!

Ginger Tonic from Reclaiming Provincial

Have you ever had a "tonic"?  Do you think they are just juices with a fancy name to make them sound trendy?



  1. Your recipe sounds so refreshing! Something I'd like to sip on while reading a book on the beach and listening to the sound of crashing waves :0)

  2. Yeah - I think tonic is just a fancy name... but I also call Target, "Tar-Jay" with a wonderful French accent... whatever works :) haha
    Your blog is so chic anymore with your pics!

  3. I've said this before, and I will say it again, your food photos are outstandingly beautiful and the clean lay out of your blog only enhances their beauty!!!

  4. Awe, you girls are too sweet. I just want to make sure the food looks appetizing and yes, I like pretty food :)

  5. I have a few tonic recipes that I use almost daily. My favorite is to start the day with a warm lemon ginger tonic.