Hello dolls!  It is Monday and instead of having the usual Monday face, I am instead reliving this past week visiting Minnesota and Wisconsin because it was so great!  The weather was gorgeous and I got to spend time with D and his kiddos, which is always so much fun.  I have completely fallen in love with Minnesota (which at one point I called the Fridge of the USA).  But I have also enjoyed exploring various towns in the American midwest, and one of my favorites is Lacrosse, WI. 
This college town is beautiful and the perfect combination of quaint charm with a college town vibe.  From awesome dining, to amazing antiquing (which we did) and sightseeing, Lacrosse is one of our favorite places to hangout. 

I am in literary heaven.

But I have to admit that one of my favorite places to just be and recharge is D's parents farm.  I love it there.  His parents have created over the years an oasis that it is both comforting and quiet.  I love spending time with his mom.  It is funny because she always sends me home with tons of produce and food.  This week it was rhubarb and apples plus an assortment of veggies both fresh and canned by herself.

D's mom is my favorite subject to take photos of.  She is Mother Earth in the flesh, I tell you.

Sunset from D's back deck.  Pretty spectacular.
 But one of the main reasons I love going to Minnesota is because it recharges me and makes me appreciate the little things in life and the most important things: my faith and my family-- which D will be part of. 
I also got a second wind on my running. Running through the open backroads of Lewiston, always makes me appreciate that I have the ability to run and just fuels my motivation.  I love this pic above because I just look happy to be running.  So here is to a week full of blessings and motivation!
How was your week/weekend? Anything exciting?


  1. LOVE LOVE all the pictures (esp the kitties and that book store)! thanks for sharing all this!

    trish - tales from...

  2. I want a picture of me in all those books!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. I am so glad you had an amazing week :0) I love all the pictures! That library looks amazing!

    1. Lauren, this is actually a used bookstore so when you have these many used books at a faily cheap price, I had to get all over that. :D

  • That bookstore looks amazing! I would LOVE to have a library ladder some day in my house! Swooning!

  • Those are some incredible shots! I've never been to either state, but they both make me think of pretty much what you've shown here - good 'ol American wholesomeness. Glad you enjoyed yourself.

    Thanks for linking up for MMG, and for the sweet comment you left on my post about my dog. I appreciate it :)