This post is titled part deux because on Friday I wrote about my plan for the weekend and I am pleased to report that indeed relaxation and lounging (well most of the time) were the names of these two days that went by, oh so fast.  But I tried to make the most of it.  I was actually very intentional about doing nothing but stuff I like.  

I started my morning with a visit to a coffee shop in Kansas City.  I could have made it at home but there is something special to me about a barista actually taking the time to make a very delicious cup of coffee.  For the record, the photos I found online because my camera was MIA, which was too bad because I had big plans for Saturday in Kansas City taking photos. 

Instead after my coffee and wandering around the farmer's market, I went back home and spent a leisurely rest of the morning checking out a new cookbook I received in the mail from chef Amy Thielen titled The New Midwestern Table.  I found out about her through the Food Network and it is easily the best show in the channel right now.  After reading most of the book and glossing over the recipes, I cannot wait to cook from this book.

The rest of the day I spent it relaxing in my bed with my laptop and catching up on some of my favorite blogs.  If you are looking for new blogs to read here is a list of some of the ones I am liking right now.  You may find something you like.  Anyhow, on Saturday afternoon I drove to Weston and took crazy to the doggie park (you can read more about our triumph there here) and afterwards I finally watched The Monuments Men and loved it!  As someone who loves art history, this is a movie that I am going to end up buying for my collection.  

Sunday could have been a gloomy day because it was the 2nd anniversary of my former commander's death and then today is the 2nd anniversary of my Snoopy's death.  Snoopy was my 15 yr. old Cocker Spaniel who passed away the day after my boss.  So instead of having a sad day, I decided to celebrate life.  I keep thanking God that He spared my life during the incident.  

I went for a nice little run and then enjoyed a nice breakfast.  Then spent the rest of the morning just catching up on the news and a few magazines.  Around lunchtime I threw myself a solo little celebration with some goodies I got in Kansas City.
I opened a bottle of a rose that I had chilling since Saturday and prepared myself a cheese platter using the Woolly Rind cheese-- a delicious cheese made by Green Dirt Farm, a local farm in Weston, MO.  The cheese is similar to a Camembert and so yummy.  This was so good and the perfect way to start winding down for the day.  The rest of the afternoon was spent making a light dinner and watching It's Complicated for what must be the 25th time or so.  It is the bakery scenes people.  I simply love her bakery.  And that was how my weekend went: relaxed, funny... and lovely.  

How was your weekend?

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  1. You have such a positive outlook on life, I love it.

    Wine & cheese is so yummy, and those pictures are making me crave both! :0)

    1. Aww, thank you. I wasn't always a positive Nelly but after the past three years I have come to realize that there are things that one can control and others that you cannot and worrying and being pessimistic can only accomplish one: give you an ulcer... which I have.