This is not just another "look at how cute my dog is" type of post but rather a proud momma type of post about Jack.  When I rescued Jack in August of 2013, I did so because rarely do older dogs get adopted and to be honest as soon as I saw his photo I was in love.  He made the perfect companion for my other Wheaten at the time, Rummer.  

But then a few months later he started showing aggression towards Rummer and becoming possessive whenever she was around.  Unbeknown to me, the reason he was put for adoption was because of aggression issues with another dog and possessiveness towards his previous owner's baby.  The rescue never mentioned this.  So along with a trainer and awesome advise from the Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier Owners Facebook page, I started working with him.  Then right before the holidays when the polar vortex hit he was in so much pain (I could not tell at the time) that he tried to bite me when i touched him.  I contacted the rescue who told me to put him down.  And I went into freak out mode.  But I had to put my fears aside and worked with him.  So along with a trainer I have been working with him on his aggression.  And he has come a long way.

I mention this because I have been wanting to take Jack to a doggie park but have been too afraid that he is going to act out with other dogs.  But as the trainer said "you'll never know until you go".  And so we did.  The doggie park is new and it has two runs of about one mile of open fenced field.  At first I had Jack in the leash and he was not interested in the dogs... just peeing around the fence.  lol.  There were a few other owners and their dogs and I explained to them my situation and they were so awesome.  So finally let Jack of the leash.  And I almost cried tears of joy for my baby.

He did so good!  There was a lot of sniffing at first but no growling or anything.  Jack seemed to take a fancy of the one black dog below, and he followed her around the whole time.  He tried to mount her once but a quick finger snap from me and he was off her.  He has no concept of personal space :)

Find the Wheaten! Hint: look for the nubby tail :)
In all it was such a pleasant experience that we can now repeat in the future.  It has been a lot of work with Jack.  I am glad I did not put him down as the rescue suggested and when I was overwhelmed.  Dog aggression was a new territory for me, after three dogs, and I was so sad and disheartened.  We now know that he is best as an only dog in a home.  So I will not be getting another dog in a while.  But I am glad that in a social setting like this he is so outgoing and can have a good time like any other dog.  For the next few times I am sure I will be super cautious and have to continue to work on making sure he does not pick up on my "worry vibe".  But this I can work on too.  While this is something simple to many, to mean it means so much.  And today I am one proud momma.  But before I go, y'all know it's "selfie sunday" and I know you love Jack photos and come to expect his selfie once in a while, so here we are today goofing around.  Jack... not so entertained by the

Happy Sunday!!


  1. Good for you and your sweet dog! I am so glad that things are working out.