the kind kitchen: dealing with heartburn through diet & a recipe {cauliflower "rice" + paleo beef stew}

Food... my favorite thing in the world.  I love to eat.  I am not even going to lie.  Food makes me happy... sometimes a little bit too happy.  There is a reason that one of the things I am looking forward to the most during my wedding planning is sampling food and cakes (so is David by the way).

But sometimes food can cause a major number in my stomach and lately that thing is heartburn.  I am talking major heartburn (even kombusha would give me heartburn) to the point that I had to see my doctor and get a prescription for Nexium. 

Quick story: a few weeks ago, I woke up in the middle of the night choking.  Could not breath because of the pressure in my throat.  I felt like I had to burp and suddenly, the pressure escaped my body... through my ears.  This hot gas that felt like acid came out of my ears and it was so painful that I felt like I was going to pass out.  It was the scariest and weirdest thing to ever happen to me.   The doc diagnosed me with GERD and so in addition to meds the doctor recommended I eat food with low acidity.  And so I have been working on that since I want to avoid taking meds if at all possible.  Here is an example of food to avoid when you suffer from heartburn.

Did I mention how hard it has become to eat something that does not causes me heartburn?  I haven't always been like this but two winters ago after my dad was diagnosed with cancer, I was so stressed and internalizing everything and on top of that I got food poisoning from chicken wings that tore me up.  Since then my stomach has not been the same.   As you can see what I eat has become very important and making sure they are low acidity is even more essential.  Enter cauliflower.

I never was a fan of cauliflower and as a hypothyroid, it is one of those food that it is in the no-no list in its raw stage because of goitrogens (which are naturally occurring substances which inhibit the body's absorption of the thyroid medicines).  Luckily cooking the cauliflowers destroys most of the goitrogens and I can eat it. 
There are many ways to prepare cooked cauliflower and one of my favorites is cauliflower "rice".  It is basically raw cauliflower which is shredded in a food processor (I use my blender) to a consistency that resembles rice.  I really enjoy it and this is something huge because you know we Puerto Ricans love our rice.  And because it is almost tasteless, it is easy to flavor and versatile which makes it a perfect side dish.  In this case I made to accompany another low-acidity dish: beef stew. 
I am a huge stew fan BUT some recipes tend to call for tons of condiments, wine, and other ingredients which can trigger my heartburn.  However, this recipe I am sharing is fairly clean and the ingredients I used kept this dish's acidity very low. 
 This is the recipe I used and as you can tell it is really very simple.

One quick note.  For the rice, all I did was put the cauliflower florets in the blender and pulse until it has a rice consistency.  Then I placed in a bowl and microwaved for 4 minutes or until cooked.  That's it!

This recipe is really delicious and so comforting.  I can eat stew anytime of the year and this one I had for three nights straights (did I mention it makes great leftovers?) and I did not get tired of eating. 

The meat comes out tender and even though there is balsamic vinegar the slow cooking gets rid of the acidity and makes a delicious stew with a very complex flavor.  The cauliflower rice makes for the perfect light side dish and it does not make you super full, like rice can.  And best of all? I do not get heartburn when I make it! So yes, this is definitely one of my go to recipe when I want something comforting to eat.  Happy eatings!

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  1. Ugh! I am definitely dealing with some HEART BURN right now - however, I don't typically get it so I am confused as to where it's coming from :( I will be sure to eat some low acid foods today, that's for sure!!!

  2. Holy cow - I thought that WAS rice! My mom used to make cauliflower soup that was DELISH!!!!!!
    Since I've hit my 40's - my heart burn has been ridiculous!
    I can't believe you had pressure come out of your EARS!!! WHAT?!?!? Who knew that was possible!

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  4. Thanks for the heartburn explanation. Makes sense! Beautiful pics of your dish, btw. :)

  5. This meal wants in my mouth NOW! I am thrilled that I don't suffer from heartburn very often, if at all, uh oh... Did I just jinx myself?... But I know a few that do and I always try to give them advice, but everyone has different trigger foods! For sure though - giving up wine and coffee.... Those are biggies!