wedding inspiration: a girl & her milkglass

I am not a collector of many things but there is one I do collect: milkglass.  I love everything about this beautiful depression glass.  The milky color, the styles and the vintage rustic feel of it.  I have numerous pieces and want to try to incorporate them into the wedding.  But there is a more important and sentimental reason why I want to use some pieces at my wedding.

The Story

When David and I started dating {even though I didn't know we were even though he} he gave me the exact same punch bowl set below as gift.

photo via google

While antiquing in Lacrosse, WI we came across this piece of milkglass and a few days later while I was back in NC, David called me to tell me that he had gone to the antique store and gotten this for me.  Now be aware this was two months after we started dating.  This is how the conversation with my mom and best friend went:

Me: Wow, you won't believe what David did.  He got me these beautiful pieces of milkglass.  I don't know why he is doing this because we just met.  

Mom & Heidi: crickets, crickets... giving me an incredulous look.

Me: what?

Mom: Ah, hone-- first of all no man goes antiquing with a girl just for the hell of of it unless its for manly stuff.  Second, this boy likes you MORE than friends.  Only a man in love would remember these details, go back to the antique store and get this for you just because he knows you like it and makes you happy.  This man is in love with you! 

Me: Gosh, am I that dense? And then they started laughing at me. :-)


So as you see, I do have a sentimental bone in me and its a very special thing to be able to share this with those who will take part in the celebration.  I have been looking around and found some other beautiful examples of how to incorporate milkglass in the wedding. 


 From cups and compote cups to cake stands (aren't these two above beauties?) people get pretty creative with milkglass.  I especially love them as flower containers.  They look romantic but with a clean look and not fussy at all because Maria does not do fussy.



I  love how creative bakers use milkglass especially the hobnail pattern as wedding cake decoration.  These two are lovely. 


Desserts Display

And really, is there anything cuter than desserts displayed on milkglass cake stands and compote bowls and cups?  And of course, if you want to hold various items, make it pretty with milkglass.  I especially like the fruit bowl



One of my favorite uses for milkglass is as votive holders.  When lit, the candles make the glass shine with this beautiful light iridescent glow, and it is at those times when you see the quality of the glass and why we collectors love it. 

all photos via Pinterest

There are many ways of incorporating my precious collection into the wedding, I am just not sure how... yet.   I have been scouting the local antique stores and eBay looking for affordable pieces, and have found two beauties that I have my eye on.  I think this has been one of the best ideas for this wedding thus far.  What do you think?

Do you collect milkglass?  
How do you like the idea of incorporating this into a wedding?

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  1. Awww what a beautiful story :0) I love that you are incorporating something so gorgeous and significant into your wedding!! I love all your inspiration pictures so far!

  2. Oh how I love this! This is going to be the most beautiful, personal wedding!

  3. OMG HOW ELEGANT is all of this! I am in love, I adore those flowers especially!!! And I really love how these things have such sentimental value!

  4. what a beautiful story! and an awesome idea to incorporate it into the wedding. i love it when people add the extra touches that are so meaningful to them.

    i'd never actually heard of "milk glass" but all the pictures and ideas are breathtaking! i can't wait to see what you end up doing :)

  5. Such a sweet story MA... milk glass is simply gorgeous. Love love the idea of incorporating it into your wedding for an added touch of sentimality and elegance.

  6. these are all beautiful ideas!! i thinks its so much fun and more special when couples can incorporate important pieces into their wedding and reception.

  7. I LOVE MILK GLASS! We are using it too :)

  8. So beautiful. It reminds me of my grandmother's house. She used to have tons of it... I wonder what happened to it.

  9. Maria, these are such lovely pieces of glass and your story is so amazing! I guy who will even go antiquing is a gem, one who will return to the shop, buy what he's noticed you like, is a prize and should be kept forever, haha!!! Looks like you two will be the perfect couple and can't wait to see what your wedding celebration will look like - I know it will be beautiful!

    Happy treasure hunting dear.
    Mary x