Hello, dolls!  Wow, it seems like I have not posted anything fitness related in forever.  Honestly, training has been... well, training.  With life, wedding planning and starting the process to transfer for active duty to the National Guard, it has been crazy to post my big ol' boring training.  So a little update:


Running has been going good.  With the unseasonably autumn-like temperatures it has been a delight to run.  Truth be told, I have been running for me more than anything instead of time.  I have found myself using my running time to think about all the changes going on and going over my to-do lists.  Always a Type-A.



I am doing Crossfit but had to scale back on the amount of days I was doing it.  By the end of the foundation classes, I was feeling broken.  My knees started killing to the point that I was running with knee braces and my left hip joint felt like it was on fire after anything squats related.  Scaling back has really helped though.  And I am glad because Crossfit makes me feel like a bad-momma jamma! :D
I also started going to the Crossfit gym on post because honestly the 30-minute driving to Kansas City was getting old.  Not so much going but coming back.  After an intense Crossfit workout I was super dead to get on the road and drive.  Luckily I found a great Crossfitter who has been helping me here.


Last week I had to go to the normal gym-- or what Crossfitters call "globo gym" {if you have seen the movie Dodge Ball you know where this is coming from}.  With work and the Crossfit gym closing by 6:00 PM, this is what worked.  And I have to admit: it was like coming back home (oh, I'm getting teary thinking about it... lol).  I loved lifting weights and I could tell that Crossfit is improving my fitness because I went up 15-20 lbs. on all the weights.  Yeap!  Feeling like a bad-momma jamma again!  


I wanted to touch on this because I think my thyroid levels are all wacked out {hello tiredness}, however I have been able to maintain a good balance or exercise and nutrition.  On the scale the change is not much (booo!) but I am fitting into clothes I have not in many months and that is reassuring.  Little baby steps that make everything worth it.
And that is for me my friends.  How has your training been going?  Tried any new workouts lately?


  1. You were driving that far for Crossfit? You are one dedicated lady!
    Glad you are adjusting so its not so hard on your body.... you rock!!!

  2. My training has been going pretty good. I am feeling stronger and getting faster in boot camp. I have basically felt on top of my game! Tomorrow I plan to run 5 miles since I have that 100 mile challenge this month. Sorry to hear about your thyroid issues but wedding planning can be fun! :-) #wowlinkup

    1. Woohoo! Sounds like you are doing awesome! Good for you!