I seriously need to take a knee and take a deep breath because the past three weeks have been go, go, go!  I am not kidding.  It is ridiculous.  But it is necessary.  It is preparation for my next life.  I can get a really freaked out thinking about the what if's.  But I am feeling unusually peaceful which is good.  So today, I am sharing my craziness and what I am thankful for.
NO. 1 // I drove up to Minnesota this past weekend to deal with wedding stuff and spend time with D and the kids.  So much fun.  I always love spending time with the kiddos.  They are hilarious and so loving.  Plus it is always a good weekend when I get to see my love. :-)  But I tell you, the way there was stormy and not optimal for driving.  When I saw this in the distance while driving into Iowa, I knew I was in for a rainy drive.

NO. 2 // We finally sat down and started on the guest list for the wedding.  Save the Date cards are in and the major details of the wedding have been decided, mostly the concept-- and I am loving it.  D and I want a romantic wedding but a super fun reception-- not stuffy-- where the guests enjoy themselves.  And in honor of my love for North Carolina we are going with a very Southern food menu {it is going to be soooo delicious!}. 
NO. 3 //  I got to go running while I was in Minnesota.  It was super hot, but I love running in the little town that will be my future home.  I get really motivated to run when I am there.  Very picturesque and beautiful.  Summer in Minnesota is hotter than I thought it would be but talk about excellent for gardening.  I came back to Kansas with a basket full of veggies straight out of my future mother-in-law's garden.  She is so good at gardening and I hope I can one day be as good as she is. 
NO. 4 // Beautiful images to remember my roadtrips.
NO. 5 // The most beautiful skies.  For some reason Kansas, Iowa and Minnesota have the most stunning sunsets and sunrises.  Maybe it is because of the wide open spaces but I am always in awe.  These are two of my favorites this week:
There was only one bad thing this weekend: running was about the only exercise thing I managed to do because I pulled a muscle in my upper back on Friday.  Mr. Jack tried to jump in the back of the Jeep which is much more higher than he is.  And me, so he would not get hurt, jerked to catch him and pulled the muscle-- NOT FUN.  It was so painful that the first hour of the drive to MN it hurt every time I breathed.  So painful.  It has gotten a little better but still there.  So taking it easy on the upper body workouts.  But it has allowed me to slow down and enjoy the world around me.  And that is something else to be thankful for. :)
How has your week been?


  1. Stunning pictures. I love the sky ones. x

  2. What beautiful photos. Hopefully your future mom-in-law will give you some green thumb tips.

  3. Lovely photos! Where in MN did you travel to? I grew up in Duluth, and my folks live in the cities.
    My week has been 'off' and I work the weekend so I am just praying to get through to Sunday afternoon!!

  4. Such stunning photos! Next Thursday we go on vacation, so I'm just ready for the next week to fly by!

  5. Great pics of the scenery of beautiful America's heartland - and the basket of veggies got me big time!

    Enjoy all your MIL-to-be can teach you - I lost mine (aged 96) two days ago and am headed to NH tomorrow for the burial etc. She was so kind to me when I first married her middle son (you met Bob when we were at Penny's house in Asheville), teaching me so much and standing in for my own mother who was in England…I will never forget that.

    I'm so happy your plans are going ahead and know you will have a fabulous wedding day -
    Hugs - Mary

    P.S. Take care of that precious back!

  6. You take beautiful pictures! :0)

    I hope your back is fully healed soon!

  7. Lovely pics :) It is great to be thankful & nice to share our craziness!
    Back-aches are tough. I am battling one coz I'm forever glued to my comp! Hope your back forgets all the pain soon :)

  8. Horray for a productive planning session–I can't wait to hear more about the big day!