my weekend in photos: running for a good cause & delicious little things

Hello, lovelies!  Hope you weekend was fabulous and recharging.  Mine was good and I am ready to tackle the week ahead.  But before I do, allow me to share my weekend with you.  Here are some of the highlights.


We had our by-monthly meeting this Saturday and it was moving and awesome wrapped in a double dose of camaraderie.  Saturday was brutal thought.  It was humid and we all agreed that the last half mile was significantly hotter than the rest of run.  We had two routes-- 2 miles and 4 miles-- but after my first week of CrossFit my legs could only handle 2 miles.  But it was a good little run. 



I found a nice little shopping area north of Kansas City called Briarcliff Village and it beautiful.  This photo does not do it just justice but the shopping area looks more like a fancy little village and all the stores and restaurants are owned by locals which made me want to come back even more now.  While there grabbed coffee at Latte Land.  I love a fancy capuccino and a buttery croissant.


While at Briarcliff I visited a fancy gourmet store called Green Acres and I am in love.  For those in the east coast, this is very much like The Fresh Market but a bit smaller.  However, it has all the gourmet products I have been missing since moving here including my favorite yogurt in the world, Dreaming Cow!!!!  Now, you do not understand my love for this yogurt; this is the only yogurt I eat by itself.  It delicious and light.  

I also some shopping in one of my favorite local stores, The Queen's Pantry.  This is tea shop specializing in the British tradition of tea. The variety of teas is incredible and the inventory of British and Irish tea accoutrements and products is fantastic.


So wedding planning is on the way but I had a little detail to discuss with D.  You see, my dream has always been to have a small wedding.  And by small I mean 50 guests tops, which is a concept neither our families will be happy about since his family is very involved in the community and both our families are more like clans.  But honestly, I want an intimate wedding: this is very important to me.  I saw this wedding in Snippet & Ink that has been on my mind.  The photo on the left? That is my ideal of a wedding reception.  Small and intimate.  So after much coaxing {a.k.a. nagging} David agreed with me.  I think he finally realized this was very important to me.  

And this is even more important because I finally picked a wedding invitation suite so pretty soon I will need to start nailing down a draft guest list.


It is the start of a new week and there are nothing but possibilities for the horizon, so smile my friends! Rock it!

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  1. I am glad you are able to have the smaller wedding you've always wanted :0) I had a very small wedding too, and I loved it!

    That maple ginger yogurt sounds yummy!

  2. I love Briarcliff. Thursdays they have a tiny farmers market and I love it! My mom and I go at least once a month. I love the grocery store too. I has everything I can't find in the regular store.

  3. I've never heard of that yogurt. The flavors sound AMAZING!!!!

  4. Yay for getting what you want. It is so hard to please everyone, and weddings are so expensive anyway. We had a small wedding and a huge reception with a band that played all night it was so much fun :)