wedding wednesday {a dress conondrum}

Hello, loves!  Well, the official wedding planning has commenced!  I am 360 days away from becoming Mrs. Baer! {Oh Boy, I have become THAT}.  I have been gathering ideas but have not done any official planning because my mom was not back in the States yet but she is now!  I could not do this planning without her.  Not ever!  Especially picking out a wedding dress. 

I am a person who loves simple, classic and stylish but with a modern twist.  I like comfort.  So it is no surprise that when it came time to start looking at magazines for wedding dresses ideas, I was immediately drawn to dresses like this...

and this...

and this.

They are sleek and modern but still femenine and romantic.  I was sure this is the type of wedding dress I want to wear on my wedding day. 


I saw this dress by Australian designer Suzanna Blazevic and suddenly I want to look like a princess on my wedding day. 

(photos courtesy of Suzanna Blazevic)
And this is a different dress with the same feel... LOVE IT!
I took one look and the word that came to mind was DREAMY.  Seriously, all of those layers of tulle really spoke to me and I am very surprised that I like this love this look because it is not something that I am normally drawn to.
You know how I know I love it? Because I have been looking at this photo every day since I saw it.
Not sure if I have not thought of a ball gown because in my mind I consider myself sporty 6'1" female who looks more like an Amazon than a delicate princess.  But all I know is that now I am looking at ball gowns.  Can you tell that this is going to be a hard decision to make? 
So my question to you all is:
did you feel the search for the wedding dress was overwhelming? 
Any advise for this bride-to-be?


  1. I would say my biggest piece of advice is to try things on you're not sure you'll like - you never know what might happen. I'm wearing a dress completely different from what I ever pictured (very form fitting).

    Also, find a bridal salon that gives you an experience. The first place I went didn't - my mom was in the room with me zipping my dress up. In the end, it just felt like any old dress. I'm pretty sure, even if I tried the dress on I ended up buying, I wouldn't have bought it there because it just wouldn't have felt like the one.

    The second place I went let my mom relax, took me to a room, asked me what I wanted and just started pulling and I was able to "surprise" everyone with each dress. It felt like a dream and I didn't have to pay some crazy price for my dress :)

    Ok. End novel comment!

    1. Samantha: no worries! I love the advise you gave me. I never really thought about the bridal salon experience which come to think about is very much a part of the bridal gown process. Uh, cannot wait to see what your dress looks like!

  • I LOVE this dress...and am so happy for you by the way...
    I did dress shopping with a friend due to being stationed in Alaska and my Mom not near...I knew immediately after I put on my dress that it was the one!! <3

  • I love all the dresses! I went with something super simple and loved it. I think you should try on some like the princess one and see what you think. Take pictures in it and mull it over, you have lots of time still to find "the one"

  • Advice? Try on everything. You'll know. Promise. I ended up with the dress that I obsessed with in magazines... because it looked amazing on... (and hrmph, my mom said it wouldn't. WRONG.) I'm in love with the dreamy dress from your pictures... but see if you like it on you. ;)

  • Yes, try on everything! By the way I LOVE your blog design. I found my dress quickly and loved it but it didn't hold up at all and by the end of the night it was in pieces! I'd say tulle is totally the way to go, those pictures are amazing!

  • When I found my dress, its true what they say, you just know. I tried on everything & the one I picked, it wasn't something I expected I would like. & 19 years later, I STILL think my dress is the best dress ever.

    Every wedding I have photographed, I notice that the dresses the brides pick out fit their personality. Its funny how it works.
    I can't wait to see what you decide!!!!!!

  • Go with what tugs at your heart MA (at the moment maybe they all do ;)... but once you try them on, you'll know the one. I only had to try on a few before knowing and didn't turn back. Good luck! Your choices are all so beautiful.

  • I shopped and shopped and shopped online before my first wedding dress appointment but the moment I put on the "one" I knew it and it wasn't anything like I thought I would wear. So I would say be open...have your ideas on what you want and then tell the lady helping you to bring something she thinks would fit your taste and body type. That's how I found mine!

  • You definitely need to try both styles, and it doesn't hurt to try something completely different too! I was sure I wanted something simple and drapey (think beach wedding style) and as soon as I put it on I was like, NOPE! My 2nd choice was a v-neck style that also ended up being not so hot (though much closer to what I wanted). It's good to have an idea what you want but stay open to suggestions from your mom/friend/bridal consultant and then make the choice based on what makes you feel it- it sounds silly (and unrealistic) but when it's right you really get that feeling the bridal shows are always talking about.