Hey dolls!  So last week it was crazy and did not post my training on Friday.  And since I know you are just dying to know (just kidding) here it is and I am sharing it with the girls from Workout Wednesday.  Have you check out these fitness link-up?  If not-- you should.  My training consisted of the following ;-)

Notice what is missing from last week? RUNNING.  Last week was brutal on the body-- so much so that I had no energy for running either Wednesday or Thursday and on Friday I did not go to Crossfit.  Not because I did not want but because my body felt broken.  After the workout on Wednesday I felt exactly like this (excuse my French but I'm not gonna lie... I was hating CrossFit and thinking exactly this):


Next day and Friday I was sore.  Not just a slight soreness but rather "bone tired, my knees are hurting when I walk, when I sit, when I sleep... actually everything hurts" kind of tired.  I know my body and it was screaming at me for some rest.  So I did just that and spent Friday nursing those knees with Celebrex and ice packs while watching the Crossfit Games on my laptop.  Not that I was watching AT work... they were "background noise". 

Did you happen to catch the Crossfit Games? Oh my goodness, talk about a test of fitness.  Just like in previous years the games showcased what makes  Crossfit atheletes rocks stars in the fitness world.   Whether you love or hate the polarizing sport of Crossfit, the athletes are awe-inspiring.  What they do at the games its pretty incredible.

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I think this year was really surprising to many because the events featured a LOT of running and many had awesome times. Which truthfully was very surprising to many because running that much is not a Crossfit thing.  And believe me, many questioned what was with all the running?  In all they were awesome and cannot wait to see what happens next year.

This year's winner (and so well deserved) was Camille LeBlanc-Bazinet from Canada.  After 5 years of getting better and better, you could tell from day one that she brought her A Game.  My girl Annie Thorisdottir a.k.a. Iceland Annie (a Crossfit Games two time champ) finished with a silver medal after skipping last year due to a back injury.  And to me that is pretty amazing!  You go girl!  Congrats to all the other winners!

How was your training week? 
Did you watch the Crossfit Games? If you did, who were you rooting for?


  1. I saw part of the crossfit games the other night-those girls are incredible and crazy!

    1. Deborah, I agree with you in both counts! lol

  • Listen to your body and rest rest rest. You will be stronger for it. My workout week last week SUCKED! There I said it. Husband job scheduling issues w/ RFPs, filming, etc. totally messed ME up because that meant he was not home in the mornings when I normally go workout so I had to stay home with my 7-year old. Not that I mind but you know. I did catch some of the Crossfit games and those women are BEASTS! Congrats to all of the participants and winners - they worked for that. #wowlinkup