129 | its looking like spring (13.1 trng wk 2)

Hi guys!  Well it is time for half-marathon training check-in number two.  Everything is going good so far and the running is coming along beautifully, albeit a little slow and it is making me impatient.  But I keep telling myself that eventually speed will come.  For now I am happy to have finally left the 14:00 mins. per mile pace and to remain in the 11:00 mins. per mile.  In general, this week was pretty much the same as last week with the exception that on Wednesday I had to throw in a strength training rest day in the mix.  I was so tired.  It is not that I was not motivated.  It was dead bone tiredness all of the day.  I slept 9 hours straight; the type of sleep that you go to sleep in one position and wake up in the same position.  So the body definitely needed rest.

The running in the mornings has allowed me to experience some awesome scenery and I have even taken Mr. Jack the Wheaten on some runs with me.  I tell you, nothing gets me more pumped up than a gorgeous sky in the morning.  I hope I continue to run without foot problems. 

The nutrition part is going really good and since last week I have lost 4 lbs. which is great and so much more than my goal of losing 2 lbs. per week.  This is a total of 10 lbs. since I started this new meal plan.  You know what has made a difference?

1.  Cutting all of what one of my favorite bloggers () calls CRAP:
  • Carbonated drinks
  • Refined sugars
  • Artificial sweeteners and colors
  • Processed foodlike products}.  
After last week's horrible withdrawal that gave me the shakes and headaches, this week I am feeling much better.  And except for Wednesday's bout of tiredness, I've been feeling more energetic.

2.  MyFitnessPal app.  I am not much of a food journaling person but my Army nutritionist recommended it so I gave it a try and wow, it is pretty remarkable what you can find out about your eating habits when you see it written down.  Apparently I have been eating about 200 calories less than I have to which can cause the body to go into starvation mode.  So been paying more attention to what I eat.  And to celebrate all this success I rewarded myself with this super cute Lululemon top.  I actually bought it a month ago and saved it until I could wear it.  That was my motivation.  Hey whatever works, right? 


no, not bad form.  just different exercises. :)

oh, yes... cool down.  then me ready to hurl after an intense workout.

This week my favorite workout was an intense 30 minutes shoulders workout that left me feeling like I wanted to hurl.  Probably because that was proceeded by 30 minutes of fast hills on the elliptical. I had to hunch over to take my breath after I was done (thanks to my buddy for laughing his butt off and taking the snapshot).  This week I am probably more motivated because I am seeing improvements not only in the body weight but also my strength.  I am kicking some major tail lifting extra weight especially in the upper body.  Now if only my lower body can get with the program. 

I tell you what.  This Puerto Rican hold everything from the waist down so it takes an act of Congress to get my lower body in shape.  One of the ways I like to mix things up is checking out new exercises to add to my routines.  And it so happens that this month's Oxygen Magazine features my girl Amanda Latona on the cover and she shares the exercises that have helped her attain that world famous lower body.  

if I ever had a girl crush, she would be it! lol

As you can see, little baby steps progress shows me that I am approaching this training the right way for me.  I am motivated and with a few tweaks for next week (including adding a multivitamin) I am ready to rock week 3 and see what progress I make!!!  Alright peeps, you have a good weekend and don't forget to stop by on Sunday for our Sunday Coffee Gathering No. 3!  It will be a fun chat!

Joining Fitness Friday,  Workout Wednesday and Finish Line Friday. #BESTFOOT.


  1. You look fantastic! Keep up the good work! That CRAP idea is fantastic!
    I hated HATED logging food until I got my fitness pal app - so easy to do. I love the scanning feature most of all.
    Congrats picking up the pace. I think I'll forever be a 13 -14/min pace girl. That's OK - as long as I finish - I'm OK with that.
    That magazine - never heard of it - need to check it out - I love all things fitness!

    1. Girlie, Oxygen magazine is my fitness bible! I love it!

  • Hola boriqua!! Soy panamena. BTW I have that same TOP by Lululemon and I LOVE IT!!!! Congrats on your 4-lb weight loss and focusing on your diet to make it happen. REMOVING the CRAP is definitely the way to go. Keep preaching it and more of us will pay attention and heed. I know that "about to hurl" feeling. It doesn't feel good at the time but you definitely see the results afterwards. Thanks for stopping by this week's #wowlinkup.

  • wow you look amazing and cute workout outfit.