121 // half marathon training wk1 goals (plus some spiritual fitness too)

Today started my week 1 of the half-marathon/weight training and so excited!  I actually went running this morning because tomorrow is an all day at work that I just know will leave me zapped.  Run went good although it was a bit too cold and my muscles just were not wanting to warm up.  As you can probably tell from the picture, I am a bit type-A when it comes to information and like my information visually organized.

This training program looks pretty busy but the good thing is that I am used to most of these exercises and know how much exertion they will cause.  Because of that I am breaking down my days by doing my runs in the morning and strength training in the evening. 

I also started a very specific nutrition plan that is going to test me because of the constant "grazing" every 2 1/2 hours.  I just do not eat that often (which is probably my problem) so I have to get used to that especially breakfast.   But I am going to have to keep telling myself that this is for my own good, right?  

But my goals are not only physical but also spiritual.  And you can say I am trying to buff up my heart and my soul.  So this week I am reading a new book I bought about the story of Esther.  

I love to read books about women-- and men, who God uses in unexpected ways to prove His power and show His love for us.  And boy, it does not get more unexpected than Esther.  So, I am really looking forward to the lessons in this book and how through the story of Esther, I can learn more about the unexpected moments in my life. 

What about you?  Any goals for this week either fitness, nutrition or spiritually related?

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  1. I've been sick so health is my number one priority this week and feeling better! Looks like you have a great week ahead of you :)

    1. Oh no. I hope you get better soon. Let's hope the week goes well.