my favorite things on friday

Hey dolls!  It's Friday and I am all ready for the weekend.  I have a few places to visit in  Kansas City this weekend and the weather promises to be beautiful!  Today I decided to join the Friday Favorites because I have not joined in a while.  And here are my favs.

1. Girls Run Fast Ambassador.  Guess who is one of their newest ambassadors?!  Me!  I found out about this group from a friend and I love what they stand for.

So who are GirlsRunFast™ ambassadors?
  • We are lovers of all things healthy. We love running, dancing, yoga swimming and more!
  • We love to exercise and make a point to make it a part of every day.
  • We have a passion for the good things in life like food, fun and friends!
  • We do not believe that you need to live to the extreme to meet a goal.
  • We teach and don't preach!
  • We RUN!
This seems like my perfect fit for all  the right reasons!
2. Recipe Redux.  A few days ago I found out that I will be part of the Recipe Redux group!  I am so excited because I love nothing better than taking a recipe and making it healthier.  With an amazing group of people already part of the group, I feel very honored to be part also!

2.  My new Roxy iPhone case!  I love, love, love Roxy and this iPhone case screams summer days with its surfboard and water design!  And the fact that I got it on sale is even better! 

4.  Crossfit try #2.  Ok I refuse to believe that Crossfit is the bad experience I had when I tried it last summer.  I had an instructor that was not really instructing and I felt worried that I would get injured.  I just never got a warm and fuzzy about the movements I was doing.  I was not being a baby but I hate it when instructors do not realize that a 6'1" person has a different center of gravity than someone shorter and I always felt awkward doing the movements.  So a friend recommended NCK Crossfit in Kansas City.  In July they start a 12-class fundamentals program and enrolled in it.  Here is the beauty.  The program is $100+ but thanks to Groupon I got it for $39.  Even better!  So here is to my second try at Crossfit!

5.  Eric Cantor is OUT!  I do not talk about politics in this blog but I am a Conservative YET when it come to worthless politicians I am all for removing them from office even if they are Republicans.  A few days ago the House Majority leader lost his re-election to a virtual unknown professor and I could not be happier.  It could not have happened to a more deserving person.  When politicians forget who they work for and just sit in their cushy jobs while the rest of Americans go through hardships, it is time for a reset. 
Joining these fabulous ladies! NicoleDarciAprilChristina, and Natasha


  1. Congrats on being an ambassador, hun! SO exciting!!! Xxxx.

  2. Congrats on becoming a Girls Run Fast ambassador!! And $39 for crossfit?! That is amazing!

  3. Congrats on being an ambassador.
    Your phone cover is adorable :) They make such cute ones now

  4. All things healthy for sure from food, exercise AND politics! Happy Friday! Anita

  5. I hadn't heard of Girls Run Fast but I love the sound of it, I will have to check it out. Congrats on being on ambassador to an awesome group. Love the new phone cover too.

  6. What a great week! That Roxy iphone case is so cute! And congrats on being an ambassador. That's awesome. Very awesome :) The recipe redux sounds interesting. Will you share the recipes here?

  7. Oh my goodness! Being that tall changes everything! It definitely would make most of the movements more difficult too. I'm not tall but I have monkey arms and those alone make things more difficult for me.

    I hope your 2nd try is better!

  8. So many great things going on! Welcome to Recipe Redux :)

  9. Congrats on the cool groups! Love your new case, too!

  10. congrats!

    can't wait to see how the second chance at crossfit goes :)

  11. So cool at becoming ambassador. Way to go!!
    Also... I don't know about you, but I've been super bummed about missing five on Friday for the summer. If you're interested my friend Karli {september FARM} and I {the farmer's wife} are starting up a link-up "oh hey, friday!" with the exact same outline and would love for you to join us tomorrow or any Friday! Hope to see you there.