Total Fitness Wednesday #4: Relaxation

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A Weekend Recipe (Quinoa Black Bean Patties) & A Blast from the Past

Yes my friends, I am still unpacking boxes.  Between the move, my dad's passing and the new job, I've barely had time to get a few things set up at the new digs.  This weekend I made headway in the home office and while looking through the boxes I came across a box of photos and talk about a blast from the past!  A past life where I was a fashion model!

Total Fitness Wednesday #3: Getting Back on Track

Hello ladies!  And welcome to Total Fitness #3!  Phew, it has been two crazy busy weeks and I have completely fallen off the wagon thanks to work which has kept me working 17 hours a day.  And I'm tired, have over indulged and I'm ready to get back on track.  So, how do we do this?  We all have our ways of doing that but this is what has worked for me.  My trusty tips to getting back on track:

Remember that it is up to us to make ourselves happy.  Whatever healthy mechanism works for you, you have to start with the decision to make the commitment to start and get moving.  Life happens; you just have to learn to 1) not beat yourself up when circumstances keep you from working out or make you fall of your training plan.  And 2) smile and get back on the horse.  It is great feeling when you get back on it and you come back motivated and ready to make things happen.  

Now show me what you got!  Link below and let us read your posts on how you are improving your total fitness!

This Week: Out of The Office!

Hey everyone!  This week I'm out doing the Army thing in the field but will be back Monday!  Stay healthy and safe! See you soon!

Total Fitness Tuesday #2: It's National Running Day!

 Hey everyone!  Welcome to Total Fitness Wednesday!  And as you can tell by the post title, today it is National Running Day!  So get your shoes on and go for a run sometime today!  We all have different reasons for our love (or necessity) of running.  We either love it or love to hate it! I know I sometimes do!  Yet this is my therapy and I feel my best when I am running, no matter how tough a run is.  Anyone else feeling me on this?  So today instead of posting about a race, I want to share with you some of my motivational photo which I have at home in my refrigerator!  May they bring you as much motivation as they bring me.  Now, let's go ahead and link up!

Exploring the "Flex" Trend: Saucony ProGrid Kinvara 3

Many runner's will agree when they see the subject line that I am about a year behind in reviewing the Saucony Kinvara 3...and they would be right especially since there is a new Kinvara 4.  But it was not until two months ago that I switched to this baby!  And however long ago this shoe came out, the fact is that I love it!  And if you are a runner who wears the traditional running shoes, you may want to listen.  After all, it is not every day that a traditional running shoe wearer switches to a "flex" type shoe that it feels like a zero drop shoe.  If you are interested in hearing my thoughts on this transition, then read on.