Ooooeeh!  This was one hot weekend.  This summer has been fairly cool here in Kansas but this weekend summer decided to come out and play and did it! Saturday it was blistering by 1000 when I went to the farmer's market to pick up some stuff.  And it did not help that I was feeling rotten.  Luckily I was able to be in and out of the market in 15 minutes.  Afterwards, I went home and took a nap trying to feel better.  Later in the afternoon, I practiced some more calligraphy.  I started this week and I am loving it so far. 


Sunday I woke up feeling much better, enough to go for a run after church.  The temperature was not too bad when I got to park where I run but by the time I was half way the temperature went to 100F.  Yeap... that sucker got 10 degrees hotter while on the run.  And as you can see below-- not a lot of shade.  Luckily there was a summer fest at the park and the Fire Department had misting fans going.  You better believe I stood in front of them for a while to cool off.


By the time I made it home I was ready for shower, dinner and movies.  Yes, it was so hot I did not want to do anything outside.  And I was in the mood for wine-related movies.  Probably because I still have the Napa earthquake in my mind {how scary was that?}.  When I heard about it this morning the first thing I thought of was of friends I have in the area and of bloggers I follow who may have been affected.  I hope they are all ok. 
Back to the movies: I spent the afternoon being lazy and watching Bottle Shock (my favorite wine movie) followed by a documentary called A Year in Burgundy.  If you get a chance to watch this documentary, please do.  It it follows wine makers in Bordeaux as they shape their wines and explores the ins and outs of wine making against the backdrop of beautiful chateaux and vineyards.  It was simply blissful and a lovely way to end the weekend.
How was your weekend?  Anything exciting?  Is it hot in your area?

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  1. You are really good at calligraphy! I tried teaching myself back in high school, but did not have the talent or patience lol!

    1. Awww, these letters abouve were the practice tracing over the workpages. But over the weekend I got better. I do have a bit of an advantage in that I did calligraphy during high school but it was more of the gothic style you see in old documents. This modern calligraphy is more flourished and that part has been challenging. But this girl loves a challenge! :)