Hello everyone!  This week's training has been good so far and I am loving CrossFit more and more, not only because it is challenging but because it is helping me get stronger.   I actually look forward to going to the box (the gym) as much or even a bit more than running, but no worries-- running is still my first love. :-) 

But as with every new workouts there is something that is always so challenging that just drives you crazy to the point that you tell yourself: "oh, it's on!" and for me that is kipping.  This is a very challenging move for me because it requires motion, flexibility and upper body strength (which I thought I had but I do not).  Never mind that this is my second time trying it.  I want to make it happen yesterday! Competitive much? lol. 

The kipping motion (using momentum and a sudden jerk down of the knees to push yourself up, is very controversial to some especially those who do the traditional pull-up.  They consider it cheating.  THIS is the correct way to do a kipping pull-up.

Below I am showing you my attempt at kipping pull-up.  First of all, I knew I would not be able to do a kipping pull up because... well, I have never been able to do a pull-up.  Right now I am concentrating on getting the initial motion right.  As you can tell there is a little bit if gymnastics flavor on this movement and it requires lots of shoulder flexibility.  I have been doing shoulder flexibility movements at home and during my second attempt I felt more comfortable.  Yes I need lots of improvement but baby steps.  I just wanted to show you the efforts.

Bottom line, when I swing back my body needs to come further away from the bar and I need to get the knee down jerk motion.  That is what will give me the push up impulse I need to get my head above the bar.  Just really having a hard time with it.

But I was trying to give it my all again and again.  Then this happened.  Ouch!  As my hand rolled on the bar it ripped the skin off.  Yeah... double ouchy.  The crazy thing is that I did not feel it while it happened.  It was after.  Today my hands feel sore and looking like crap.  David already told me that he is not too crazy about the  My instructor was like "ooh! you got your first rip" with a big smile like it was a badge of honor. 

Luckily this should be able to help me with this while I train.  A must from now on.  Can't have manly hands on my wedding day :)

photos via Invictus Crossfit

As you can tell, a bit of pain but TONS of fun, especially because each session is full of energy and everyone supports each other.  This is week 3 of the foundations class and I want to leave you with the one discovery I love the most so far:

crossfit foundations class

There is a way that CrossFit challenges you that it is different than running.  With running I usually get to a point where its painful but I can keep going.  With CrossFit, I get to a point where I do not think it is possible to do one more rep, where muscles are shaking and breathing is harder... and I somehow find a way to push through, and I amaze myself EVERY SINGLE TIME.  Yes, people have I drank the Kool-Aid and I am liking it! :)


  1. OUCH! That blister looks painful. You are awesome for even attempting one of those things. Anyone who can do even one pull-up amazes me. It's one of those things I've never been able to do in my life, but secretly wish I could! :0)

  2. I've never heard of that method of pullups. I used to be able to do a few. I don't know why I stopped doing them. They always made me feel pretty badass! Good for you! #wowlinkup

  3. You are a rock star! I remember my gymnastics days and the kip was so hard to accomplish. Keep up the good work!

  4. I've done Crossfit 3 times and so far I have enjoyed it. I need to go back, but have to wait awhile.

    1. Irene, I really hope you can get back to it. I have found that doing it for a few weeks will let you really gauge whether it is something you want to do in the long run or not.